woensdag 24 juli 2013

Good evening,
Two years ago I bought Samuel at your place.

Last Saturday he turn 2 years, and on the first photo you can see how we celebrated his birthday with all his friends.

He has turn out to be a wonderful English Cocker Spaniel.
On the second photo, which was taken 2 weeks ago, he is "graduating" from the basic level of Combi Sport.
He won a medal for been the best student of his class and the trainers gave him a special notice, since he is the first dog they had in class that understands commandos in two languages.

He is also turn out to grow above the average of his standard, with a healthy 17 kg weight.

Samuel is the best thing that has happen to me!!
He is loved and very well taken care of.

Maria and Samuel

zondag 14 juli 2013

D A N K E    an Euch für diese wunderschöne Tier - unser Sohn hat den Welpenrüden bei euch abholt - auf der Heimfahrt wurde er YOLO genannt - You only life once -
Wie er bei uns ankam war total selbstbewusst kannte keine Angst, ging auf  uns zu fühlt sich sofort wohl.
Eine schöne Zeit begann und wir können uns nicht mehr ohne Yolo vorstellen.

Nochmals allen Dank für diesen unseren Traumhund

Von Herzen
theo und delia